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Sharm El Sheikh History
History Of Sharm El Sheikh

Even though you may think of Sharm El Sheikh as a haven for tourists, it is actually known as the City of Peace. Over the years, it has acted as a central meeting place for people from Israel and other parts of the Middle East. As these individuals work together to sort out their differences, the very land of Sharm El Sheikh serves as a reminder of what nations such as Egypt and Israel can accomplish when they are not constantly at war.

Prior to the 1960's, Sharm El Sheikh was a small fishing village. While there were some attempts to operate gold mines in this area, they were not very successful. On the other hand, Sharm El Sheikh has many advantages from a military point of view. Therefore, Israel invaded and occupied it for several years.  By the time Sharm El Sheikh was returned to the Egyptians in 1982, there were already a number of resorts, and a growing tourist trade.

Rather than destroy all signs of the occupation, Egypt began the task of building  more attractions for tourists. These efforts included ensuring that buildings and other facilities did not disrupt the natural habitat of the area. As a result, many tourists are amazed at the number of people that can pass through Sharm El Sheikh without causing all kinds of pollution and other problems.

If you look backwards in time, the history of Sharm El Sheikh is far more fascinating than you might imagine. In particular, this city is situated in front of Jabal Musa. As you may be aware, this is where Moses received the tablet containing the Ten Commandments. To this day, when you visit Sharm El Sheikh, you can take an endless number of tours to biblical sites located nearby.

There is no question that Sharm El Sheikh has played a vital role in the Middle Eastern affairs across time. While this once humble fishing village may not have been adorned with pyramids, giant palaces, or cathedrals, it still represents one of the greatest efforts undertaken by humanity. As you enjoy this desert paradise, you will also develop an enormous understanding of just how important it is to have at least one place in the world where people of differing opinions can gather. Perhaps it can be said that the truest and most powerful elements of ancient Egypt still live today in this particular aspect of Sharm El Sheikh.

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