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Sharm El Sheikh Hotels
Sharm El Sheikh Hotels

Historically speaking, Sharm El Sheikh has changed hands between Egypt and Israel a number of times. While some of the older resorts were built by Israeli occupying forces, the entire area is now owned by Egypt. As you visit different Sharm El Sheikh Hotels, you are bound to find out the fascinating history of each building.

That said, if you are interested in the best facilities with reasonable prices, the following hotels should suit your needs.

Hotel Hilton Sharm Waterfalls - If you are looking for a luxury on a budget, this hotel will be your dream come true.  Unlike a number of other hotels in Sharm El Sheikh, you will find this one has a much wider range of food choices. The split level pools also give you an opportunity to savour quiet atmospheres or more lively ones. Business travellers are sure to love amenities that include private meeting rooms, a secretary and a fully equipped business centre.

Jollie Ville Movenpick Golf - This is the perfect hotel for anyone that needs unusual accommodations.  For example, if you are travelling in an RV, there is plenty of parking space.  Couples with young children are bound to enjoy knowing that babysitters are available.  As may be expected, you will also love the golf course and all of the other available outdoor facilities.

Iberotel Palace - Aside from providing good food, you will love the water features at Iberotel Palace. This includes beaches and shores that you can walk on without having to worry about stepping on corals. In addition, while you are on the beach, you can enjoy a relaxing massage.   The free 5 minute boat rides are sure to be a delight to anyone that wants a few minutes of refreshment. Without question, you will savour this opportunity on afternoons when the temperatures reach what you might expect from a desert climate.

There is no question that Sharm El Sheikh will stay in your mind for years. Aside from being home to some of the finest resorts and hotels in the world, there are dozens of activities for you take part in. Regardless of whether you are in Sharm El Sheikh for business or a family getaway, you are sure to find suitable accommodations. That said, once you get your first look at the stunning waters and sparkling sands, you may not want to go back to your rooms, let alone spend a single second indoors.

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