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Sharm El Sheikh Resorts
Sharm El Sheikh Resorts

When you visit Sharm El Sheikh, you will be travelling in an area that plays an enormous role in modern history. Not surprisingly, the resorts in this area represent a blend of many different cultures. If you are looking for the best Sharm El Sheikh resorts, there are many to choose from. That said, the following resorts have gained a worldwide reputation with travellers looking for the best of everything.

The Hilton Sharks Bay has long been a favourite amongst travellers to Sharm El Sheikh and offers guests quality accommodation and a wide range of facilities. The 4 star hotel features 7 swimming pools, health club, tennis courts, watersports centre and a childrens club.
Baron Resort - Today, the Baron Resort in Sharm El Sheikh is considered one of top 100 resorts in the world. Without a doubt it has earned that distinction based on many features. This includes an international restaurant, as well as ones dedicated to Indian and tropical foods. Anyone that is environmentally conscious will also appreciate that the Baron Resort has won awards for being eco friendly. As you savour the stunning view of the Red Sea and its delightful islands, you will soon understand why the Baron Resort is at the top of everyone's list.

Four Seasons Resort - Not to be outdone, the Four Seasons Resort offers a stunning array of rooms and in-house restaurants. If you've been busy all day sightseeing, you are sure to love the spa.  Alternatively, if you need to get your muscles back into shape, there is a full gym that you can use as much as you want. Couples on their honeymoon, or those interested in a romantic dinner will always cherish the memories of outdoor terraces or restaurant rooms filled with soft music.

Hyatt Regency - When you get your first view of the Hyatt Regency, you will be wondering how the corals and underwater words can compare in terms of colour and fascinating shapes. Aside from featuring a Thai restaurant, you are also sure to enjoy ice cream while surrounded by waterfalls. Without a question, there is no better way to spend a hot afternoon. That said, if you are interested in environmental issues or aquatic attractions, you will find an endless number of things to enjoy during your stay.

Visitors that stay in Sharm el Sheikh resorts will be pleasantly surprised by the emphasis on comfort and scenic lodgings. You will also find that many resorts do everything possible to preserve the beautiful landscape and all its inhabitants. Chances are, once you visit this historic area, it will go at the top of your list for places you'd enjoy living in for the rest of your life.

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