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Sharm El Sheikh Restaurants
Restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh

Many people that visit Sharm El Sheikh restaurants return to the same location several times during their vacation. As may be expected, some restaurants appeal to a larger number of people than others. If you are primarily interested in good food, high quality service, and a beautiful atmosphere, the following four restaurants are most likely suitable for you needs.

Dananeer - This restaurant offers a perfect combination of European foods and local seafood catches. You are sure to love the steak and chicken dishes every bit as much as the seafood salads. If you are looking for your favourite foods at an affordable price, Dananeer will have plenty of things for you to enjoy.

On Deck Restaurant - Few restaurants can rival On Deck when it comes to overlooking a beautiful landscape. If you sit outdoors, you are sure to love watching the fish come in, as well as feeding them. That said, you will also enjoy the food, as well as the service that you receive. Even though some feel that On Deck is a bit more expensive than other restaurants, it simply cannot be beat for atmosphere and quality.

Mahony - When you want to combine lamb, chicken, or beef with an Oriental twist, there is no place like Mahony. Aside from offering better prices than several other restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh, you will be very pleased with the service, and the overall decor of this eatery. While you are savouring the excellent cuisine in this restaurant, you are also sure to appreciate the view of the landscape that surrounds this fascinating and unique restaurant.

El Beat El Masry - If you are looking for a comfortable restaurant that offers the best foods in Europe and Egypt, El Beat El Masry should be your first stop. Regardless of whether you want to watch a game of football with friends, or immerse yourself in the local foods, this restaurant has everything you are looking for. After you are done eating, you are sure to enjoy rounding off the night at the bar located downstairs.

Today, there are many wonderful restaurants in Sharm El Sheikh. While some restaurants have been open for longer than others, you never know when you will find a culinary jewel worth remembering and talking about. Therefore, you should not hesitate to explore as many restaurants as possible while you stay in this desert oasis.

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